1 year 8 months old

A Pic of Dad from 1969

Stanley Emil Komant  aka "STEAMER "

    All Kids in school have the conversation about their Dad being the toughest

                 no one even tried to dispute that Dad was the man

Dad earned these two in the first   '" Do You Think Your Tough " Boxing competitions

held in the Kelowna BC Area , anyone who remembers Rutland back in the 70's

and early 80's knows who he was , his reputation was well known thru out the

community      "  I never seen anyone so proud of having a black eye "


During the years he collected so many trophies we had nowhere to put them , he

ended up taking the plaques off of the majority of them and threw the trophies

away , I found about 50% of them , a massive collection showing his involvement 

in The Canadian Wrist Wrestling Association . Being at most of the competitons

with him and seeing first hand what he went thru to earn these I figured they

should be shown off instead of being stuck in a box , Dad was very proud of his

accomplishments in the sport and as seen in the video's even at 70 he still had

no quit in him , Dad had one speed , there was no low gear.............. ... just GO !

Dad lived life to the fullest having a fire burning desire to always be #1

he spent his entire life being the man known for his freakish strength ,

stamina and drive that left most people feeling incompetent when they

worked side by side with him , over the years he has held 7 different

Canadian Wrist Wrestling Titles , won 4 Tough Man Boxing competitions

, dominated the Penticton Speedway back in the early 1970's with an inline

6 and did some showing off in the Kelowna Water Ski Show , Dad never

did anything small loved being the center of attention and could problem

solve almost anything ( I am going to miss having him to phone for advise )

he was a perfectionist in everything he did and I credit him for all my

mechanical and fabrication skills , by the time I was 10 years old I could

rebuild a motor , shoot a bottle cap with a 22 or a compound bow and because

of his un paralleled skill of burying a 4 x 4 half way up the doors I also

know how to get a vehicle out of almost any predicament ( thanks DaD )

Dad  shows up the young guys on his 70th Birthday

                    October 24 2014

  Always was and always will be a Champ Forever

                A well earned Tribute to my Dad

                   Stanley Emil Komant




I never could beet the old man at anything     so I got my digs in every chance I got

The Guys at work got Dad to put this shirt on at lunch time

and got a stripper to give him a lap dance  for his 70th Birthday