I only use premium quality  acoustically dead materials to build my enclosures , better quality

materials require less bracing and produce a nicer sound , Any part of an enclosure that can buzz

flex or vibrate takes away energy that can be otherwise be excited by the woofer .With the quality

of the materials and precision used to assemble each enclosure there is not a better quality enclosure

available anywhere at any price.


                                                           Good Airflow = Good Bass

​The term "High Output" is thrown around a lot about my enclosures , my designs all revolve around

good airflow and giving the woofer the ability to CUP the enclosures inner volume and all bracing is

carefully placed to ensure the air can flow back and forth as smoothly as possible with out any inner

restriction or turbulance that can cost sound quality , output or low end extension , this is why you

will never see that cool looking restrictive window bracing placed horizontal to the air flow in any of

my enclosures , I keep it as aero dynamic as possible.The inner volume and fine tuning of my enclosures

are done with the best enclosure design software available giving me pin point accuracy on tuning , inner

volume and achieving my targeted port velocity . 

The Origional Double Kerfed Flared Port

True Audiophile Quality Designed And Built By An Audiophile


The targeted port velocity ensures that port noise is non-existant and the bass hits hard with

​excellent output and low end extension , moving a lot of air they are each built to fit the vehicle

​giving them room to unload efficiently . 

" A Woofer Can Only Sound As Good As The Enclosure "

All of my projects are done one at a time so that full attention is paid to every detail ensuring that

every enclosure that leaves my shop takes with it the perfection I would expect if I were the customer.


The Fabrication  /  finishing methods used on my Kerfs give them that signature

             Pound That Sound look  and make the final product rock solid